Answers To The Most Common Questions

How many guest prints are included?

You and your guest can take as many pictures as you want during the time that you have rented a photo booth.

Do photo packages come with a Keepsake Memory Book photo album?

No. The only photo package that comes with a Keepsake Memory Book is the Riverfront package however, a Keepsake Memory Book can be added to any other package for an additional charge.

What is needed to reserve your date?

A deposit of $125 is required to reserve your date. It is recommended that you reserve your date as soon as possible to insure availability.

How much space is needed for the photo booth to fit?

An minimum area of (8’x6′) is recommended for the photo booth. If less space is available for the photo booth, let us know how much space you have to work with and we will see what options we have for your event. Access to a power outlet is also needed for the photo booth.

Do you accommodate corporate events?

Absolutely! Holiday parties, team building events, cutomer appreciation day…we LOVE corporate events!

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